Hold on to your butts.

As we approach the release of the long-awaited Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer, the marketing has seemingly begun! Writer/producer Colin Trevorrow has teased another “first look” at the film – this time a video of Owen Grady meeting and interacting with what appears to be a “baby Blue”.

Life Finds a Way.

The footage appears to be taking place inside of the old Jurassic Park visitors center, with the mural out of focus in the backdrop – and features a baby Velociraptor who looks just like Blue. As Chris Pratt is wearing is Fallen Kingdom costume, it is not a flashback and cannot be showcasing Blue when she was a baby. This dinosaur is clearly the offspring of Velociraptor Blue, so it leads the question: what other Raptors were on Isla Nublar for her to breed with?

However, should we be wrong, and this is indeed Blue as a baby it begs the question of how flashbacks will be integrated. As Owen is wearing a arm harness similar to a falconers, it seems he was prepped and ready for this encounter. Could this be the first time he met Blue? If this is a flashback, it will be the first time a Jurassic film breaks the linear story conventions, and has exciting implications.

The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer is coming soon – but not soon enough. Stay tuned!

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