Scans of rarely before seen Jurassic Park storyboards have leaked online, revealing a thrilling alternate ending for the film! Originally, the ending of Jurassic Park would not involve a climactic battle between the Tyrannosaurus Rex and pack of Velociraptors, but instead would involve an exciting Helicopter reacue scene! This was a very early concept and would later be aggressively altered for Malia Scotch Marmo’s screenplay.

The storyboards come from Phil Tippett’s Jurassic Park Early Sequence Storyboard Binder.

Below are scans of an early look of the sequence’s first version (Version A):

Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park (1993) version A

Ten pages, posted to the Facebook Page Jurassic Time and coming from effects specialist Phil Tippett storyboard binder, reveal what could have been.

Rather than a tense face-off between the T-Rex and Velociraptors, the T-Rex chases down Grant and the kids as they jump onto a helicopter. The chopper only just escaping the dinosaurs clutches.

There have been other alternative endings released before. Notably, on the DVD extras, one featured Grant, Ellie and the kids teaming up with Hammond to take down the velociraptors. But this is one of the first times this particular storyboard has been made public.

What do you think of this alternate ending? Do you prefer the ending they eventually chose?

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